If anything on the article theme list grabs your interest, send me a pitch!  At this early stage of the game, before we set the issue contents, I'm looking for anything and everything that might make an interesting magazine. The wackier and more thought-provoking the better!
If you're new to pitching, a pitch is just an email telling briefly me about your idea for the article in very general terms. What story will it tell (not just what subject it's about)? Why would make it a good Ask article? If it's unusual, how might it fit into or open a different perspective on the issue theme?


Welcome to the Ask author's page. I'm hoping this will be a simple way for the Ask editor (me) to share things with you, the cunning and talented Ask authors. I've put the issue theme list is in it's own little box over there on the right, which I'll update as we get through the editorial year.